Using the Campus Free Speech Education Kit

10 Ways This Will Help Your Team:

  1. Helps administrators better know how to support student activism (“their right”) while also supporting institutional policies and procedures (“their responsibility”).

  2. Demonstrates that campus officials want to help students make their voices be heard when it comes to important issues, not squelch them.

  3. Breaks through misunderstandings about what free speech is and is not.

  4. Addresses faculty and staff concerns about legal issues, policies and actions related to protected and unprotected speech — in a variety of forums.

  5. Provides trainers with practical tools to proactively address free speech and peaceful assembly issues before campus incidents arise.

  6. Brings up important free speech topics for discussion and engagement so students can learn to make their voices heard in safe, effective ways — now and throughout their lives.

  7. Offers upfront information so students can make informed choices when engaging in free speech and peaceful assembly situations.

  8. Provides a ready-made presentation and training materials to help raise free speech awareness among campus community members.

  9. Supports faculty and staff in their key roles supporting students — and their free speech rights.

  10. Guides those at various levels of free speech awareness through what if and how-to scenarios to better prepare them for the realities of today’s campus life.

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